Saturday, February 18, 2012

Palos Verdes! Gillian Zinser teams a bikini with practical Uggs as she films surf scenes for 90210

When people think of Californian beaches they envision the golden sands made famous by Baywatch.
But it seems that 90210 star Gillian Zinser realised she would need some sturdy footwear when it came to filming scenes for the hit show on a rocky surf spot in Palos Verdes.
And as a strict follower of fashion, she realised her favourite pair of Uggs would be ideal for the task.

The Ugg-ly truth: Clever Gillian Zinser realised wearing her favourite boots would stop her getting sore feet on the stony beach

And it clearly worked a treat, as she was walking down the pebble filled walkway with confidence as she got ready for her scenes.
The Washington DC born star showed off her slim and trim figure as she pranced around with her surfboard under her arm.
Gillian, 26, donned a pink bikini top and wetsuit and was clearly enjoying the sunshine before running into the ocean


Pull the other one: The actress decided to adjust her wetsuit after it rode up uncomfortably at the back

California girl: It looked like Gillian was going on a Surfing Safari that even the Beach Boys would be proud of

And at one point her suit annoyingly rode up at the back, prompting her to pull it away from her posterior.
Luckily an assistant was also on hand to help her sort out her wardrobe situation before the cameras started rolling.
It was a far cry from the scenes that she was filming earlier this week as she stepped back into the shoes of her TV character Sullivan.
The cast were spotted filming at the Hollywood Forever cemetery in what looked like a funeral scene.

That's handy: A lacky was quickly on hand to help Gillian remove her robe as she got ready to film her latest exciting scene